Hustlers Stuck in Local Maxima

Why Slyk?

How Hustlers become Entrepreneurs.

3 min readMar 10, 2021


Easy E-commerce Onramps

Because there are 60MM gigsters/freelancers in the US and more flooding onto gig/freelancer platforms every day, resulting in declining income as supply outstrips demand.

COVID-Cratered Economy

Because SMEs have been destroyed, freelancers are swamped with competition, jobs have never been more insecure, remote work is now the norm, and side-hustles are no longer an optional nice-to-have.

Digital Money Super-Powers

Because combining e-commerce with an e-wallet network means entrepreneurs can incentivize and reward their best clients for bringing them more business.

Slyk is Muscle for your Hustle.

Orange Pill for Everyone

Because bitcoin is the soundest money and everyone should have an easy way to get paid in BTC even if their clients don’t own any.


Because your network is valuable — its nodes and connections are based on familiarity, trust, respect, admiration, and love. Everyone should have an easy way to incentivize and reward their networks to get more of what they love for sharing the love.

One-Stop Slyk

Because there is way too much friction to starting an online business. Fees, costs, complexity — it all piles up quick with legacy e-shop providers, domain registry, site builders. Slyk makes it fast, free, and easy to start selling, growing, earning, and learning.

Stop Stalling, Start Selling.


Because each human being is genetically unique, with a sui generis talent stack. We all deserve software that makes it easy for us to offer our gifts to the world. We are not born to be cogs in a machine, but rather to flourish as souls in space.


Every person we add to our network makes it more valuable for everyone else. But software platforms have kept all that value for themselves. We deserve to be the primary beneficiaries of the value we create in our network. Slyk makes it easy to capture that value and share it with our network.


Because Slyk’s founders and founding team have built and scaled startup money networks that have helped millions of individuals and businesses create wealth. Slyk puts all the power of our accumulated knowledge in the hands of everyday entrepreneurs.

Building & Scaling Together since 2012

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