Awaken to Your Purpose.

Stop Stalling, Start Selling

21 Days to Discover, Productize, and Power your Purpose

4 min readMar 13, 2021


What’s more important than working towards creating a sustainable and fulfilling life getting paid well to do what you love, what you’re good at, and what you want to contribute to the world?

Answer: Nothing.

But life is full of distractions and it’s easy to make excuses for why you don’t have time.

Know this: you will be dead relatively soon. Every moment you aren’t living your purpose is a waste of something very finite and precious, i.e. the days of your life.

That’s why we created the Slykigai or Die challenge.

Commit to Purpose

The challenge is anchored by the accountability app Cadoo. Stake $100, commit to doing 4K steps per day as verified by your ios health or google fit step tracker. By committing to the steps, you’re more likely to commit to the entire 21-day program.

Joining is easy:

  1. Download the Cadoo app (iOS and Android) and join the challenge with a $100 stake. (if the entry date has passed and you can no longer join, then check back soon: another 21-day challenge will start soon).
  2. Join the Slykigai or Die challenge. If you complete your 4K steps per day, you receive back your stake plus a pro rata share of the “losers’” stake.

By joining the SOD challenge on Cadoo, you’ve signed up to receive a daily email from with exercises, tips, and tools to discover, productize, and power your purpose.

Commit to #slykigai.

Do the Work

The 21-day challenge is divided into three weeks.

Week 1: Discover Your Purpose. What is the intersection of what you love to do, what you are good at, what the world needs from you, and what you can get paid to do.

Week 2: Productize Your Purpose. Create media, client leads, and connections to define and position your purpose as a product.

Week 3: Power your purpose with Slyk. Take advantage of the force-multiplying leverage of networking tools, commerce media, and digital money.

21 Days to Productize Your Purpose.

Week 1: Know Yourself

What do you love to do? What are you a natural at? What feels like play to you but looks like work to everyone else?

The first week of the SOD challenge focuses on connecting to yourself and those who love you via gratitude. Those who know you well and appreciate you will be your best guides. People who who have enjoyed your work in the past will help you better understand your talents and skill stack gaps.

Know Yourself.

Week 2: Show Yourself

Use the high-leverage tools contained in your smartphone or computer to productize your purpose. Create videos, blogs, and network connections to bring your unique offering to market.

Show Yourself.

Week 3: Grow Yourself

Set up your Slyk to turn your productized purpose into an online business. Activate social marketing and referral sales rewards to transform your client and social networks into a motivated sales force.

Grow Yourself.

Slykigai is the latest mutation of the ikigai/purpose meme, made actionable with Slyk’s easy e-commerce platform. Ikigai is an ancient Japanese concept that translates roughly to “the thing that gets you out of the bed in the morning.”

Helping others achieve Slykigai is one of the main components of the ikigai of Team Slyk — it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, puts a spring in our step, and through rituals and connections imbues our lives with a sense of well-being.

To learn more about the traditional Japanese concept of ikigai, there’s only one place to go: Nicholas Kemp’s Ikigai Tribe Academy.

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