Awaken to Your Purpose.

Stop Stalling, Start Selling

21 Days to Discover, Productize, and Power your Purpose

Commit to Purpose

  1. Download the Cadoo app (iOS and Android) and join the challenge with a $100 stake. (if the entry date has passed and you can no longer join, then check back soon: another 21-day challenge will start soon).
  2. Join the Slykigai or Die challenge. If you complete your 4K steps per day, you receive back your stake plus a pro rata share of the “losers’” stake.
Commit to #slykigai.

Do the Work

21 Days to Productize Your Purpose.

Week 1: Know Yourself

Know Yourself.

Week 2: Show Yourself

Show Yourself.

Week 3: Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself.



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